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TheMeq a posted Jul 30, 16

Hi all, most of the warps have now been fixed. You can create warps now with the following commands. 

/setwarp <name> - Public Warp

/setwarp -p <name> - Private Warp

If you are still missing a warp, let me know as some of them wouldn't work because of spaces.


New Server

TheMeq a posted Jul 27, 16

Hello all, just wanted ot let you know that the server is now back online and can be accessed via the usual address of

Thanks <3

Server News

TheMeq a posted Jul 24, 16

Hello all, sorry for the recent neglect of the server, I've been busy with work and it hasn't allowed me to focus on it. 

The server should be back up next week as we are moving from our current Linux box to a Windows box which will give us more flexibility. We will also be using a nice back end system so our current admins can actually do some work on the servers without me needing to be around. 

The IP address will initially change for the server, but after a few days, access will be available via the normal domain. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll see you on the other side (hopefully)!

Thanks, TheMeq.


TheMeq a posted Jun 17, 16

Hello, our server has now been updated to 1.10! We hope your enjoy all the new features that this version brings. We have also expanded the world border by 15,000 blocks, So go and explore!

Birdmanent I take it the server is done for good ? - any possible way i can get the world file? - id like to still work on my castl...

Server Update

TheMeq a posted Jun 17, 16

Hello all, just wanted to let you know the server is down at the moment whilst we update to 1.10. 

This shouldn't take to long and I will let you know when it comes back up. 


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